Strategic Planning & Training

Communication Strategies

East to West’s experienced team can equip your organization with the necessary communications strategies to achieve your project and campaign goals, whether you are an NGO running an advocacy campaign or a company investing in social responsibility projects.

We have decades of experience working with international NGOs and the private sector on social, educational, environmental and cultural issues. We therefore understand that such issues require a different approach than a typical marketing strategy designed to sell a product or a service.

Our experience also provides us with the necessary expertise and skills to maximize the outcome of the human and financial resources dedicated to your campaigns. We provide training specifically designed for your staff to run and manage your organization’s projects and campaigns.



This training is geared towards NGOs, and equips staff members and volunteers with the skills needed to effectively run advocacy campaigns – from setting achievable and measurable objectives, to developing strategies and actions to achieve these goals.

The East to West team has years of international experience managing projects and running social and environmental campaigns for the voluntary sector. The issues we have worked in Europe and the Middle East include disarmament, climate change, nuclear power, water and waste management, wildlife conservation, as well as gender and racial discrimination.

Project Management

Acquiring the funds to run your project is only the first step. Most organizations winning grants for the first time discover that running the project is an entirely different beast. East to West can help you prepare for that by equipping the project team with the necessary knowledge related to administration, financial management and strategies.

Based on the experience our team has gained after years of running large-scale projects funded by grant providers, we can also provide practical knowledge on overcoming obstacles during the project’s life. We can tell you what to watch out for and equip the project team with solutions.

Training sessions are developed specifically for your project. Sessions vary from one full day to three days depending on the project’s size and complexity.